Blossom Package (Vegan For A Day)

Blossom Package (Vegan For A Day)

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Have you been curious about the vegan lifestyle? Would you like to be a vegan for an entire day but aren't quite sure where to start? Look no further, the Plant Lady is here!!

Our Blossom package is our Vegan for a Day style meal prep. This package comes with breakfast, lunch, dinner, three beverages, one smoothie pack, one snack and one dessert. This package is sure to get you through your day from beginning to end. 

The deadline to order the Blossom pack is every Wednesday. Pick up is on each Sunday. 

Our upcoming package meals include

Breakfast- Grits and Kale with Mushrooms 

Lunch- Black bean Burger with Chips

Dinner- Vegan Veggie Lo Mein

Snack- Coconut Bites

Dessert- Vanilla Cupcake 

Beverage- Strawberry Lemonade and Fruit Infused Spring Water

**No refunds, no substitutions!